Plant Protein

- 23 grams of Complete Protein - Coffee Replacement (Cacao & Chaga) - Minerals from Superfoods and Exotic Herbs - No weird name ingredients that you can’t pronounce! ☀️ Benefits: - Natural Collagen - Recover Healthy - Boost Metabolism & Energy - Supports Immunity - Mental Clarity

Plant Protein


Nature provides in abundance. Everything you need to heal you comes from inside of you or Nature.


Jamaican Seamoss

All Seamoss begins purple. When wet and dried in the sun, Seamoss turns gold. In the Purple state, seamoss has more of the same minerals, but a stronger taste. In Jamaica, Seamoss is best know to promote fertility in women and men. It also helps boost immunity, energy, recovery, and gut health. Seamoss is quickly becoming one the best ingredients for healthy cosmetic products


Blue Vervain

The Healthy Solution for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Focus, ADHD, and Sleeplessness. Blue Vervain can be consumed by capsule, open and mix with hot water as a tea, or you can smoke it!


Revelation 22:2

"Herbs are the healing of the nations"


Sarsaparilla is the original favor for Root beer. It is high in iron so it is ideal for Vegans, Women, and Anemic People. Other Benefits - Blood Detox - Liver cleanse - Removes heavy metals - Boost Energy


Highest Quality of Organic Wild Sourced Herbs In The World.

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There are 3 types of Seamoss

Seamoss is found in all parts of the world. Location plays a major role on the quality of Seamoss because of common practices and conditions in that area. Seamoss is commonly grown 3 ways. It could be dangerous!

1. The most common seamoss on the market is grown artificially on a machine. This practice is predominantly the Asian regions. Dr Sebi talks about this is extensively in the video on this page below. It typically smells like a pool and has salt crystals on it, clearer, thick and wet. Real Seamoss is thin and has no salt.

2. The second most common practice comes out of islands like Grenada and St Lucia. The Seamoss in these places are farm grown on rope. To keep up with the demand Grenadian and St Lucian are becoming a leader in the industry. However, it is farmed and it doesnt grow from rock.

3. The most rare way Seamoss is grown, is NATURALLY from rock. This is how the Seamoss from Jamica's Favorite is grown. Seamoss grown in its most natural state take great effort to gather and is more expensive as a result. This is the reason why seamoss, if bought in a raw form (not gel), almost never come attached to the rock it supposedly grew from.


We are here to help you survive!

There are synthetic chemicals in everything we consume. If you are vegan, there are hybrid fruits and vegetables laced with harmful pesticides. If you eat meat then there are antibiotics, ammonia, mercury in those GMO fed animals. We are here to provide rich natural herbs that contain natural nutrients to complement your natural body and bring it back into balance.

What is Real Seamoss?

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