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Kaptain Plant-It brings you the world's first protein powder with Seamoss.

 "There is no other protein powder in the world like it"

Plant Protein has minerals from SEAMOSS that will hydrate you and high quality protein from SUPERFOODS to rebuild you. Comes packed with ADAPTOGENS like, Chaga, Cordycepts, and Lions Mane.

What are the benefits of adaptogens?

  • Enhance energy or physical stamina
  • Support a healthy response to stressors, helping the adrenal glands return to a calm state more quickly
  • Support optimal cognition, alertness and concentration
  • Support a healthy immune response
  • Support normal cortisol levels
  • Reduce fatigue


🤢🤮Things that you don’t want in your Protein Powder 

1. Casein + WPC ⚠️

These are also known as whey protein concentrate and sodium caseinate. WPC’s and casein protein sources are high in lactose and more difficult to absorb, which can often cause bloating, flatulence, and gastrointestinal distress. It is quite ironic that these powders actually started off as a weight gainer in medical institutions!


2. Gluten⚠️

Food sensitivities to gluten can elevate inflammation in some people and cause a range of health problems including hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, fatigue, mood swings, and headaches.


3. Dextrins/Maltodextrin⚠️

These ingredients can raise glycemic load, which may contribute to fat storage. Most are processed with GMO corn and they can also cause gastrointestinal distress in some people. They are mostly added to protein powders as fillers to bulk it out or make the protein mix easier.


4. Artificial sweeteners⚠️

Common artificial sweeteners used are Sucralose (Splenda, E955), Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, E951), and Saccharin (E954). Some people may experience negative reactions to artificial sweeteners and side effects may include  headaches, migraines, gastric distress, depression and weight gain.


5. Skim milk powders/milk solids⚠️

Skim milk powders and milk solids are often used as a cheap bulking agent in lower quality powders.


6. Soy protein⚠️

Some soy proteins come from genetically-modified sources with high pesticide use. They contain chemical compounds which may cause hormonal disturbances in some people.


7. Vegetable oils and fats⚠️

These ingredients are often added to many weight loss and protein powders to increase richness and make them taste creamy. However, these fats are often derived from hydrogenated sources that contain trans fats, which are known to be more harmful than saturated fats. Trans fats raise levels of bad cholesterol and lower levels of good cholesterol.


8. Thickeners and gums⚠️

Thickeners and gums, including xanthan gum, are manufactured from soy or corn and can cause bloating, constipation and gas. They are little like glue in my digestive system.


9. Fillers⚠️

Fillers are often added to bulk up the protein and save money for the manufacturer.



10. Added fibres⚠️

Added fibres in protein powders are often included as a filler or weight management tool. For me personally, it causes gastric distress, constipation and bloating as I have a particularly sensitive digestive system. The cleaner your protein powder, the better and the best fibres are obtained from plant-based leafy greens, vegetables and fruits.